-Monolithic terrazzo

Thickness of the layer is 20-40 mm.

Cast on a concrete base with the thickness of at least 50 mm, which has rested for at least 30 days after completion. In order to avoid cracks the entire floor is divided into sections with the sizes not exceeding 3 m2. In case of large areas elastic compensation joints must be used. Usually they match thermal joints of the concrete base.

It is necessary to remember that monolithic terrazzo is a decorative coating, which is not designed to perform functions of a concrete base. The quality of monolithic terrazzo directly depends on the quality of the concrete base, and all its defects are likely to have an impact on the monolithic terrazzo coating!

– Mosaic tilesPorand 2

The tiles are installed using a semi-dry mixture, the thickness of the layer is 20-60 mm. This floor coating is especially recommended for commercial areas, where goods are moved using carts and loaders, as ceramic tiles cannot endure such loads and will break.

– Natural stone (granite, limestone, marble).Porand 3





– Tiles with a natural texture or mechanically treated (hammered).

Hammerdatud pind

These tiles are used in external conditions – they have a rugged surface which reduces the risk of slipping. They can be installed as using a mixture on a concrete base, so on sand.


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