– Flights of straight and spiral stairs, from mosaic concrete.

Trepp tavaline0001-00Lihv


– Flights of straight and spiral stairs, with mosaic concrete coatings.

Trepp kaetud plaatidega0001-00DSC_0951  DSC00690

Vertical and horizontal coatings can be made as separate elements or as a whole L-shaped element.

Minimum thickness of coatings is 30 mm.


– Flights of straight and spiral stairs, with raised edges (skurkant).

Trepp skurkantiga0001-00 DSC_0946


– Flights of straight and spiral stairs, with a centre girder.


Steps are attached with bolts that are sunk in wells in the centre girder filled with a non-diminishing mixture.

Minimum thickness of steps is 60 mm.

Steps can be installed on the girder as before, so after mounting of the entire flight.


– Straight flights of stairs, with two girders on edges.

Kahetalaga0001-00 DSC 0944


– Stairs with a metal frame.


Steps are attached using a chemical anchor and bolts. Every step must have four anchors. There must be a 3-5 mm thick neoprene layer between the parts and the metal base.

Minimum thickness of steps is 60 mm.


– Spiral stairs, with a central column.

Keerdtrepp koonus aste0001-00Keerdtrepp tais aste0001-00DSCN1209

The shape of stairs can be straight, conic or L-shaped.

We mount the stairs directly at the site, installing stairs one on another and aligning them against each other. Under the loose edge a temporary support is installed, which is removed after reinforcement and casting of the central column of the stairs.

Steps can also be installed on the metal frame of the spiral stairs.


– Stairs with custom-shaped steps.

Erimoodusega0001-00Erimoodusega 20001-00keerdtrepp

On the basis of the available base we take its patterns and make coatings of the steps according to them.

Minimum thickness of non-load-bearing elements is 30 mm, minimum thickness of load-bearing elements is 60 mm.

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